Jason Elis

Jason Ellis

for Broome County Sheriff

More than 23 years of experience in the field of law enforcement and emergency management operations within the Broome County Sheriff’s Office. 

Retired Detective Sergeant supervising the Criminal Investigation, Warrants and Juvenile Divisions.  

More than 30 years of fire service experience within Broome County.

My life's work has been service to this community a service which I will continue as the next Broome County Sheriff.    


An Exemplary Law Enforcement Career

Jason Ellis was hired as a Special Deputy in the Broome County Jail in 1989. He moved to the Sheriff’s Office law enforcement division in 1993. He steadily advanced through the ranks to become a trusted member of the Office's command team until his retirement in 2015.

Broome County Sheriff's Office

  • • Deputy Sheriff
  • • Detective - Special Investigations Unit / Criminal Investigation Unit
  • • Police Academy Training Director
  • • Detective Sergeant - Criminal Investigations, Warrant Division, Juvenile Division. 

A Leader in Emergency Incident Command

Jason Ellis took the lead in the local law enforcement community by teaching the first incident management classes at the Broome County Regional Law Enforcement Academy. He continued pursuing that interest in the Broome County Office of Emergency Services as a Deputy Fire Coordinator. The formal Incident Command System became the standard for emergency response after the World Trade Center attacks.

Fire Service

  • • Broome County Fire Investigator
  • • Assistant Chief, Castle Creek Fire Company
  • • Broome County Deputy Fire Coordinator
  • • Firefighter / Deputy Fire Marshal, Vestal Fire Department

A Life-Long Passion for Serving Our Community

Jason Ellis also joined the Vestal Emergency Squad in 1986. Starting in 1990, he worked as an emergency services dispatcher for Broome County and later the Town of Vestal, ensuring quick and efficient emergency response to people in need.

Emergency Services

  • • Vestal Volunteer Emergency Squad
  • • Police/Public Safety Dispatcher, Town of Vestal
  • • Emergency Services Dispatcher, Broome County
  • • Firefighter / Deputy Fire Marshal, Vestal Volunteer Fire Department

A Drive to Help People in Our Community

The common denominator of Jason Ellis' three decades of public service in Broome County is his passion for helping people. That passion became evident when he turned 16 and began working in emergency services in Vestal and it has continued throughout his career. Whether through his tireless work to ensure justice was served and to bring some measure of closure to the family of a murder victim, as a leader in promoting the incident management system to ensure efficient delivery of services to disaster victims, or pinpointing the cause of a fire to help victims move on with their lives, his work has always been anchored in helping people who are at low points in their lives. 

A Breadth of Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Experience

Jason Ellis is a sought-after and accomplished presenter – regionally and nationally – on a host of law enforcement and emergency services topics. This is a direct result of his considerable knowledge and front-line experience in both fields.

  • • Broome County Office of Emergency Services
  • • Broome County Sheriff's Office
  • • Broome County District Attorney's Office
  • • Fire Service, Broome County, Vestal, East Maine and Castle Creek



Jason Ellis

Vestal Volunteer Emergency Squad



Town of Vestal

Police / Public Safety Dispatcher


Broome County Fire Investigation Bureau

Fire Investigator


Broome County Sheriff's Office

Detective - Special Investigations Unit


Broome County Sheriff's Office

NYS Zone 6 Police Academy Training Director


Broome County Office of Emergency Services

Deputy Fire Coordinator


Broome County Sheriff's Office

Detective Sergeant - Special Investigation Task Force


Broome County District Attorney's Office

Chief Investigator


Vestal Volunteer Fire Department

Firefighter/Deputy Fire Marshal


Broome County Office of Emergency Services

Emergency Services Dispatcher


Broome County Sheriff's Office

Deputy Sheriff


Castle Creek Fire Company

Assistant Chief


Governor’s Arson Board

Alternate Member


Broome County Sheriff's Office

Detective - Special Investigations Unit


Vestal Volunteer Fire Department



Jason's success to date has been based on a Proactive & Practical approach to public safety.

In 1986 Jason Ellis started his service in this community by joining the Vestal Emergency Squad and Vestal Fire Department.

Jason Ellis continued to serve in roles as a Special Deputy Sheriff Corrections under Sheriff Anthony Ruffo and then as a 911 dispatcher with Broome County and the Vestal Police Department.

In 1993 Sheriff Geno DeAngelo appointed Jason Ellis as a Deputy Sheriff and his law enforcement career was launched. In 1998 Sheriff DeAngelo promoted Jason Ellis to the rank of Detective and he was assigned to the Special Investigations Unit. In 2000 Sheriff David Harder promoted Jason Ellis to the rank of Training Director and he ran the Zone 6 Regional Police Academy which encompasses 7 counties in New York. In November 2005 Jason Ellis returned to the Special Investigations Unit as a Detective and worked on narcotics investigations until March 2007 when Sheriff David Harder again promoted him to the rank of Detective Sergeant in charge of the Warrant Division, Criminal Investigation Division, Juvenile Division and a member of the United States Marshals NY/NJ Regional Fugitive Squad. Jason Ellis remained in this role until his retirement in 2015.

Upon District Attorney Stephen Cornwell’s election in 2016 Jason Ellis was appointed as his Chief Investigator, a position that he held until October of 2017 when he placed his full time focus on this campaign.