Broome County Sheriff

Jason Ellis will use his experience and expertise in law enforcement, emergency management and the fire service to provide proactive & practical solutions for a safer and stronger Broome County.


Jason Ellis is listening to Broome County residents. Based on hundreds of discussions thus far combined with his in-depth knowledge of the issues facing law enforcement, he believes the Sheriff's Office can take a stronger position in addressing:

  • The opioid crisis that is tearing apart families and the very fabric of our communities.
  • Crime rates that are striking fear into our residents and eroding our neighborhoods.

He will establish a new standard of fiscal responsibility to ensure law enforcement and corrections services are provided efficiently and cost-effectively.

He will work with union leadership to ensure Sheriff's Office employees have the tools they need to do their jobs and be safe on the job.

More details on all off these topics will be forthcoming as the 2018 election nears.